Prevention measures

Dear guest

For your safety, the management has activated the following actions to prevent the contagion of infectious diseases; we kindly ask your availability and collaboration.

Thank you in advance

Upon arrival in the hotel and during your stay:

Cleaned and sanitized rooms

  • The common toilets have been previously sanitized and will be sanitized over and over during the day, however it is advisable to use the toilet in your room.
  • The changing rooms are sanitized but it is advisable to avoid using them. Arrive at the pool already changed and keep your personal belongings into your bag, to avoid contacts with external surface.

Guest safety rules

  • At the entrance we will check your body temperature, if it will be higher than 37.5 C ° (99.5 F °), you can rest in the area that we have set up to safely manage the inconvenience then we will repeat the measurement a few minutes later. If it will be altered again, will be applied the security protocol to get in-depth tests.
  • Sanitize your hands often with our gel from the numerous dispensers located throughout the hotel.
  • Strictly and promptly observe directions that staff may advise you.
  • Check that you are wearing the face mask correctly in the indoor areas until you reach your position (table, sunbed, armchairs in the bar) and when you leave it.
  • To order at the bar, ask the staff, they will take your request and deliver it directly to you.
  • Parents / careers are recommended to take care and to supervise children in order to respect distances and hygienic-behavioral rules.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze.
  • If you experience symptoms of fever, cough or dyspnea, report it promptly to our staff, it will be managed in total safety.