Il Vespero Restaurant - Grand Hotel Due Golfi Scroll

Il Vespero Restaurant

A spellbinding poolside location deep in the cool Sorrentine hills with views of Mt. Vesuvius and spectacular sunsets on the horizon: the ideal setting for savoring authentic Italian cuisine at Il Vespero, the restaurant at Grand Hotel Due Golfi. Our a la carte dining room is open to hotel guests and outside diners alike!

Our chef, Carlo De Gregorio, has created a menù that highlights local dishes prepared with traditional ingredients and served with contemporary verve and sophistication. Complete your meal with wines sourced from local family-run wineries by our sommelier and carefully paired with each course for an unforgettable experience.

Wine Cellar

Our vast wine cellar is stocked with a wide variety of Italian and international labels. Each bottle has been chosen with care and is produced by a storied winery that we have personally visited. Curating a cellar is a meticulous process of selecting the perfect wines and we decided to highlight producers with captivating stories of passion and sacrifice, experimentation and innovation. You’ll find our wine list includes some of the most prestigious labels in the world, as well as little-known vintages that will surprise and delight. With every bottle comes a new discovery!